Briana & Jude's Wedding Sneak Peek

This is from my wife, and my second photographer, Lacy. She is kinda my favorite and had some incredible things to share about yesterday with Briana and Jude:

"I've known Briana since the 6th grade. Beyond being a stunning bride, she is an absolutely radiant human being. Briana and I have witnessed much of each other's lives and have loved and supported each other through it all no matter the paths, the locations, or the ways in which our roads roamed. They always led us home, to our roots in middle school friendship, our love of nature, our love of Bend, Oregon, our love of... love, our longing to truly experience the depth of emotion, of what it means to be human. We spent late nights talking on the rooftops, the mountain tops, by campfires, and by the rivers edge. 

Two years ago I married the love of my life and just before the wedding Briana asked me, "Can I bring a friend with me so that I don't have to go alone?" I said, "No." We had a cap on the number of people we were able to invite and fit in the space. She texted back, "But what if I find someone I really like, could I bring him?" "Of course, I can't wait to meet him." I replied. She took this mission seriously and 1.5 months later she texted me again, "Hey so, I've been seeing this guy. I really like spending time with him... Can I invite him as my date to your wedding?" OMG, I was so excited. Never in our friendship had Briana sounded so curious, so energized, so nervous, so herself, so certain, and so hopeful at the thought of a relationship with this person. I replied with something like, "HELL YES you can! I can't wait to meet him... What's his name so I can add him to our guest list?" 

"His name is Jude," she said. 

The night before our wedding came my Wife and I hosted a karaoke night. We filled our house with 50+ friends and family for pizza, wine, beer and karaoke. That was the night I met Jude. I wondered what he was like. What would I learn about him? How is Briana around Jude? 

About halfway through the night, I heard Jude's name called for karaoke and with a special gun slinging professional wrestler walk to the microphone he said, "This iiiiissssss JJ Blockerrrr...." in his best wrestling voice commentary. The entire room bursted out laughing. 

I'll admit thinking, "Who is this guy?!" But I couldn't help but love him already. I thought, "He's totally the one."

My wedding day came around and Briana and Jude showed up for us. They looked both handsome and radiant. I looked at them sipping cocktails on the patio and thought, "You two fit together. I can see it." He rubbed her back, laughed and played with her, he was a good listener, intuitive, funny and smart. He was interested and engaged in people he didn't even know, but they were important to him because they were important to Briana. That couldn't have been more evident. We danced the night away... We danced so hard, our shoes came off, the sticky bra I was wearing came undone, and sweat soaked our nicest clothes. Briana and Jude were there the entire time until the end of the night. They showed up for us. 

Later that night I got a text message from Briana that said, "Jude just said he loves me." 

YESSSSS!!! I was thrilled for them! Most especially because Briana is a woman who loves deeply and honestly. When she's in, she's all in with every fiber of her being. So to hear Jude felt as she did was the absolute best news ever!

Earlier this year Briana texted me about when Jude might propose to her. Would it be in Costa Rica? Could it be? Yes, indeed it happened in the tropical forests of Costa Rica on a hike, one of their favorite thing to do together.

They spent the next months planning what felt best and determining what meant the most to them on their wedding day. They asked Maggie and I to photograph it for them. Of course we agreed. 

To capture and freeze time so that we can witness and revisit the most important moments of our lives is something beyond just an honor. To capture the love, the story, the laughter, the tears, the everything in between of a friend of 22 years is the greatest joy and service.

Briana and Jude, you couldn't be more right for each other. For in each other you found even more of yourselves. As you look at these photos, I hope you feel what it means to be seen for who you are. I hope you see just how perfectly and wonderfully you fit together in life and in love. I hope you see what others see in you. To see all of the love, the joy, and happiness, the play, the laughter, and the goodness that you two are. You both are incredible individuals and together you are even better.

Thank you both for the honor of witnessing and documenting your epic love story. We love you, we support you and we are so proud of you. 

Love you both,