Carmella & Ruth's wedding

Love is patient. I recently learned about a 2004 measure in Oregon that allowed Multnomah County to issue same sex marriage licenses. Ruth and Carmella were one of over 3,000 same sex couples married that year. Debates raged, petitions were signed, and within a year, a new measure was passed defining marriage in Oregon as only between one man and one woman. This made the thousands of same sex marriage licenses invalid. Can you imagine? So much love, vulnerability, heart, strength and courage is involved in committing to one person for the rest of your life. To have gone through all that, to have felt the depth and excitement of marriage, only to have it revoked must have been devastating. I can not fathom what all those couples and their loved ones went through. Although I wasn't linked to anyone that went through that 10 years ago, I was able to feel the aftershock of the experience and the sense of relief and security as Ruth and Carmella once again committed to one another, now with the full support of our entire country.

These two invited over their incredibly loving family and friends to witness and support their marriage on a hot and sunny July afternoon. They held the ceremony and lunch reception at their stunning home, which suited the day and them couple so well. Through lots of hugs, laughter, kind words, and some singing, these two made things official. Love is patient. And I'm thankful to learn once again that love always wins.