Christine & Stephen's Oregon Coast engagement

These three loves are the sweetest, most playful and adventurous. We had so much fun playing with them on the Oregon Coast.
When we asked Stephen and Christine where their favorites places are to visit, they took us first to the sweet little Seaside, Oregon town where their family has a home and then on to Oswald West State Park, where they surf together while their sweet pup Rufio watches from the shore. They showed us all their favorite spots and shared stories of finding each other and falling in love... "I didn't have her phone number; I kept throwing dance parties and she kept showing up." Stephen recalled of their college romance. Seriously, he threw several dance parties and that is how they met and fell for one another. Hearing this made me love them all the more.
We were in for a big surprise when Christine had an idea to balance her engagement ring on Rufio's nose, as he was used to doing with treats... Within a split second, he had flipped the ring up into the air and into his mouth with a loud teeth to metal "chomp!"
We all yelled "Rufiooooo!!!! No!!!" (photo evidence below!)
Stephen managed to pull the ring from poor confused Rufio's mouth. He was rewarded with a real treat for not actually eating the ring. Our hearts were still racing. In a moment of reflection she said, "Now I know what it took to get that photo... I saw it on Pinterest and I thought it would be cool." Stephen and Christine agreed to never try that trick again.