Cody turns 1!

I love watching this family grow! I met with Cathy and Andrew years ago for their engagement photos (gasp, before they were married!) and they took me to this Stumptown Coffee house on Belmont in SE Portland. They took me here because this was where they first met on their first date, adorable, right? Now since that first photo shoot, we have come back to this location for every shoot as their family grows. This is the 4th installment, with baby Cody now turning 1! The last time I met Cody he was a newborn last summer. He has turned into a totally happy-go-lucky, sweet and smily kid. It was a total pleasure to document his smiles. I loved seeing his sister Natalie too. She is a firecracker and adores her little brother. I kinda love it when you have to tell kids to not be so cuddly because they wont stop hugging. It's the best.