Gina and Adam in Joshua Tree

My favorite thing about photography is the once in a lifetime access I get to places and people. The range of characters and incredible stories I get to document with my camera is why I could easily do this for a lifetime. Have you ever been asked "if money wasn't an issue, what would you do with your time?" I would essentially do the same thing but amped up with more travel. I would carry my camera with me, I would travel the world, and learn from people and the stories they let me tell about them along the way. Some of the most valuable things I've learned in life have come from the work I do and the people who teach me along the way, whether they mean to or not. I am welcomed in to document the best of the best, the most treasured and honest moments and relationships in people's lives. Often times I'm there to be a voice during pivotal moments that can not be replicated. I'm not sure that all of these people know how much I gain from them, and being able to study the way they live and love, but I'm thankful for our symbiotic relationship. I'm thankful to give my clients their stories through photos, as I'm learning along the way behind the camera. Learning about love, life, passions, and sometimes even about loss and pain.

With each passing year, I try to set a new goal and aim for something bigger for myself and my business. This year, in 2016, I want to capture more of what grabs me. I want to follow stories and people who intrigue me and capture what lights me up the most. I met Gina and Adam a couple weeks ago during a business trip to Joshua Tree, CA. Gina was a climbing model during the shoot and I quickly became enamored with her real life story. Gina and her boyfriend Adam have been cruising around the United States for 3 years in their van living a passion-fueled climbing life. They live to climb. Climbing is their life, and they fill in the cracks (pun intended) with work and all those things the rest of us deem "important" when they can find the time to. I was so impressed by the way they put their passions for climbing first. I feel most of the world has the mentality of "I'll work hard, I'll make money, then someday, maybe, I'll get to the things I really enjoy doing"

This couple does what they love daily and their lifestyle captivated me.

I asked if I could follow them for a morning and document a day in their life. From breakfast in the van, planning the climb, preparing, and then conquering the granite, I was there for it all. They are kind, patient, strong, great communicators, and amazing people to have learned so much from. I loved my morning with these two. They even took me out on a climb this same day and I'm now officially hooked on climbing. I get it. I get why they choose to live the life they do.

Thank you Gina and Adam for the reminder to follow your passions first.