Sheila & Ramona's Sunriver Wedding

I already adored Sheila coming into this wedding. She played a special role in our wedding. We modeled in a photoshoot for the Sunriver Resort just weeks before our own wedding, and Sheila was the one who set it up and managed the process from start to finish. She was kind and excited for us, and I'll forever remember her watching our whining dog Sophie just off camera as we had some incredible portraits taken. I so appreciated her patience and excitement during that fun time in our lives. We have enjoyed knowing Sheila for years now, so when we got to meet Ramona, her love, on their wedding day, it brought everything full circle for us. Ramona greeted us like we were old friends and welcomed us in with huge hugs and big laughs. We now adore Ramona too. It's hard not to. This day was so full of heart, excitement, relief, love, love and more love. These two are so wonderful separate, but clearly make one another even better when they are together. We are so happy you found one another and finally made the official commitment to be wives!