Brittney & Chris' Oregon Garden Wedding

Brittney and Chris were married on a sunny afternoon at the Oregon Garden in Silverton, Oregon. It is one of the most stunning venues. It's full of manicured gardens, pathways, and every plant, flower, hedge, and tree imaginable. It's truly magical. It feels like a fairytale every time I'm on the property. The fairy tale feel of the location fit the romance between Brittney and Chris. Their love is palpable and true and sweet, you can see it in the way they look at one another and how they care for each other in things big and small. The day went smoothly and we even sprinkled some Star Wars in the mix to satisfy the fan in Chris. A favorite moment of mine was when a bee landed on Brittney's flowers and happily walked around them long enough to get some photos. My first instinct was to wave it off, but Brittney encouraged us to get photos. She said "everyone calls me Bee." Team Cee and Bee, you did it! Congrats! Huge thanks to Jennifer and the Face Body Beauty crew for making all these ladies look so stunning!