Emily & Alex's Winter Wedding at UNION/PINE

Emily and Alex lit up our cozy January Saturday afternoon with their playful rustic Union Pine wedding. You learn a lot about people on their wedding day. Emily and Alex blew us away.

We learned that Emily and Alex value love, connection, laughter, and a life that leaves beautiful stories with friends and family to remember and tell for years to come. They value adventure and play. These two played off of each other with funny jokes, flirty looks and Alex's unforgettable shoulder shimmy. Their families both made toasts (and in Alex's case, an entertaining roast by his brother), valuing their love and loyalty, their sense of adventure and their craving for play. In every word spoken on their behalf, there was love, kindness and gratitude.

Each person had the most remarkable story about Emily and Alex's love and how truly they light each other up in their lives together. They all had stories of shared experiences in their lives that bound them together in the most beautiful ways from childhood through college all the way to the present day. This sweet couple and everyone around them is real, grateful, loving, playful, adventurous, absolutely present, and always, always ready for a laugh.

Emily and her Dad surprised everyone with a ROCKIN' Tom Petty themed Father Daughter dance complete with dips and twirls, sunglasses and neon blowup guitars that brought us all to tears of laughter. (yes, we have photo evidence below). Never before have we met more grateful, loving and kind people, who literally, stopped everything to hug us an thank us on their way out the door at the end of the night.

Thank you, Emily and Alex, for welcoming us into your world, for allowing us to document your love, your favorite people, and the beginning of your next great adventure together. It was such an honor. You are so very clearly perfect for each other. The force of your love lights up the whole world around you in the most magical way. Onward and Occhward, Emily and Alex. We're cheering you on!

Also, huge thank you to Hilary and Ariel of AH HA events. They rocked this wedding!!