Gina & Adam's Wedding

The adventure factor with this couple is through the roof. I met them on a photo shoot last where Gina was a model for rock climbing, and I instantly wanted to know their love and their story. I saw how well they communicated and worked together (a must when rock climbing), and I was drawn to their love for nature, simplicity and following their dreams. They're beyond kind and welcoming, in fact I'm having a hard time describing their spirits and the feeling of the love they have for one another and their closest friends. I'll let Adam's face when he first saw Gina give you some insight on how much they adore one another. They extend that love to everyone around them. I was honored to be the one to photograph their small destination wedding in upper state New York at Keene's Mountain House. What I was most impressed with was the amount of talent they had in 18 people to put on such a beautiful wedding. Everyone helped and everyone brought their skills to the table. Her sister made the cakes and wine. Gina's mom made her dress (with part of her own wedding dress!). Adam's mom did the flowers. Friends did the calligraphy, setup, decorating, and even cooked the food. Gina's Brother in law performed the ceremony and Adam's sister helped with hair and makeup. It all came together seamlessly and with ease. I loved it all and will forever save the memories created from this couple and their wedding.