Noah & Alicia's Tin Roof Barn Wedding

Alicia and Noah met 3 years ago at a wedding I was photographing and now they are married! Love is so magical and it was beautiful to see how far they have come and the work they have done to make their relationship work despite living across the country from one another for the majority of their relationship. Their love was palpable, deep and so genuine. I rarely cry at weddings, but their vows so perfectly expressed the love we all can feel from them. I asked to share some of their words here. NOAH to ALICIA: "In you, I’ve found a perfect match, someone to share in all life’s adventures, big and small.  You’ve helped me understand that sorrow that is shared is made more bearable, and joy that is shared is multiplied.... But the strongest bonds are built on the small gestures, simple acts, daily presence.  I vow to honor that sentiment, and to renew our love every day"

ALICIA to NOAH: "Without hesitation you created a place in your life for me that feels so comfortable and natural that I almost forget that I haven’t always been here, that we haven’t always been together... In you I have found someone who sees strengths in me that I did not see in myself, who can deftly maneuver around my flaws, and who knows that I am not perfect but who welcomes the challenges that I bring into a relationship... Noah, you are my home."