Welcome Finnley

One of the most rewarding parts of being a photographer has been the continued relationships and connections I make with families. The types of relationships where I get to document and see a couple from an engagement through a wedding and eventually the growth of their own family. It's incredible to be the one on the inside, documenting the pivotal, monumental, and real moments. It is an honor to give my perspective, but I also gain so much from watching the love and relationships of others. Kayla and Jonny were married at the start of last year and recently welcomed in their first baby, Finnley. Isn't he the sweetest? These new parents both feel so natural at their new role already. I loved watching them take care of their new son. Seeing the look of total love on a new parent's face is one of the sweetest things to take photos of! I'm thrilled for these two, who are now these three.